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Gold Safety Razor

Gold Safety Razor

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A gorgeous present!

Does the thought of plastic straw freaks you out? Let me tell you, disposable razors are the new plastic straws. Enough plastic razors are discarded each year that it can circle the planet 6 times. While that makes a great viral photo captured from space, but it's more of a disease that keeps on growing by the day.

And you might think that you’re saving a bunch of money by investing in cheap razors, but if you think about it, are you saving any money or the planet for that matter?

I have a few words of wisdom for you, shave it like it’s 1899! 

Your safety razor will come with a unique Nicola Rowlands drawstring cotton bag, and a pack of 5 blades. If you see a fabric design you like in the photos, please make a note on your order at checkout. 

We recommend using this razor with tea tree oil for a natural, clean and painless shave. 


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