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Nicola Rowlands

Pocket Girlfriend

Pocket Girlfriend

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If you’re lost without a super sweet gal by your side,
here’s your solution: The Pocket Girlfriend!
The Pocket Girlfriends are doing their job worldwide,
keeping people company and pockets warm.

Choose the lady most suited to you and keep her safe in your pocket for everyday moral support and companionship.  Small enough to lend to a friend in need of a friend.

Pocket girlfriends are handmade from clay, painted with acrylic and sprayed with two coats of gloss enamel, to make her lovely and shiny. The back of the pocket girlfriend packaging is printed with her unique number and her personality description shown above.

There are 6 to choose from! 

Amanda has a penchant for swarovski crystals, a taste for coleslaw sandwiches and an infectious laugh.

Charlotte's feet are small but her heart is big. She also makes the most delicious coffee cake.  

Lucy is a fan of fruit cider, Elvis Costello and soggy toast.  

Maxine is an essential oil advocate, dried mango enthusiast and University Challenge addict. Meditates before work and dances afterwards. 

Melissa has a small brown cat called Bruce and a secret stamp collection. Vegan. Conditions her hair with coconut oil.  

Ramona starts each day with a list and a cup of nettle tea. She has a white Alsatian called Felice and a large striped sock collection.

♦ As the pocket girlfriends are all hand-painted they will each differ slightly... so yours will be completely unique albeit slightly different from the photo.


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