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Nicola Rowlands

Desk Jotter: You are flipping brilliant

Desk Jotter: You are flipping brilliant

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How many jotters?

This pad works well in two ways: it makes a great gift and reminder each day to anyone reading it, how great they are. It also works awesome as 50 ready-made tear-off little notes to write and leave in your kids lunchbox, a friend's car, inside a gift box, etc.

A very useful pad.

A6 sized, 50 page desk jotter with full colour pages and tear off sheets. Produced in the UK

Some notes on the environmental impact of these jotters:
The pre-press methods don’t use chemicals, developers or fixers. Plates are recycled and there are no waste liquids left. Paper stock is from well managed sources. Vegetable oil-based inks are used rather than pure oil inks. Trimmings and offcuts are kept to a minimum and recycled.

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