We are doing our damndest to protect the planet:

  • Cards are now mostly mailed out bare, direct to customers.
  • When supplying gift shops we use compostable cello bags made from cornstarch, to protect them.
  • We try to reuse boxes where we can for shipping, rather than bulk buying single use cardboard boxes. This means you may receive your order in a box from another company. We hope you don't mind!
  • We switched over to paper eco-friendly tape. Plastic tape is no good for anyone. If you do receive plastic tape on your box it's because we still had some leftover that we needed to finish off.
  • We make our own paper shred from waste card and paper which we use in packages instead of bubble wrap.
  • Cards are printed on recycled stock and we buy kraft envelopes made from recycled fibres. 
  • Mugs used to come in brightly coloured boxes but they were not recyclable so we discontinued those and are now shipped in plain white recyclable boxes. 
  • T shirts are organic cotton, ethically made
  • Plushies are organic cotton (cotton production can be very harmful to the environment - we are serious about ensuring only organic farming is used for our textiles.)
  • Hankies are organic cotton and hand sewn locally. 

We also make a lot of conscious ethical shopping choices as a family;

  • Where possible we buy local, avoid plastic packaging and fast fashion.
  • We make our own soap, use reusable items rather than disposable wipes and sanitary items.
  • Cleaning products are non toxic and/or homemade
  • We feel that buying from companies with similar ethical views is our way of voting for what type of planet we want our future generations to live on!

Some companies that we LOVE who are doing amazing things, who we buy from and fully support: